J.S. Luan, Chef Manager

Jeff Luan was born and grew up
in Busan, South Korea and had his early experiences cooking with his father at his parents’ restaurant. His parents originally
from Sandong province in China and they migrated to S, Korea in 1948.

They started their own Chinese restaurant
many years after the Korean War ended
and Jeff started to help his father cook
and learn in his early age.
He is been cooking ever since
about 45 years.

Chopsticks have both many traditional Sandong style Chinese dishes and Korean dishes. We like to introduce to our customers not only different and unique dishes but also rich and beautiful cultures as well. Our goal is to maintain consistently high standards of quality Sandong style Chinese dishes and Korean dishes in a clean, vibrant and friendly environment.

We like to continuously thrive to reach our goals to satisfy our customers and also like to get in touch with our customers and our community in anyway possible through our services.


J.S Luan's Chopsticks | 6193 E 61st. Tulsa OK | T: 918.488.0266 | F: 918.488.0210